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Diane Ravitch on The Daily Show. 

Ravitch is the queen. If only the government would listen…

We would also address poverty directly. We would increase the minimum wage and make post-secondary education cheap or free, and we’d improve improve unemployment benefits and offer free job-training to the unemployed. 

Poverty is one of the few social ills where throwing money at the problem really does seem to work.

These are not radical, liberal ideas. In fact, in Europe most of them are associated with the more conservative parties, and many of them were associated with the American Republican party in the 80s. But the United States’s political climate is so different from anywhere else in the industrialized world that I fear we will just continue to get farther behind in education (and in % of people living in poverty) until we decide to make some big domestic investments.

It’s really stupid too because the more money the US invests in it’s own infrastructure the more jobs it creates for the economy as a whole. The shear amount of manpower needed to create the type of educational environment that Diana Ravitch is talking about here would create thousands of jobs in the public sector (arguably the highest sector for job security) that could help aid our struggling economy and lower nationwide unemployment. While of course many of these jobs would require high degrees of education, additional reforms to high education could make the way easier. On top of this, investing more money into raising teachers’ salaries would help bring incentive to many people who avoid jobs in education due to the criminally low pay rate. 

Honestly, education is the most important element of a nation’s economy and growth and the level of apathy from legislators with regards to our national education is really disgusting.  


People eating meat in restaurants is something I can at least try to ignore

Parents who just let their child cry and be loud is something I CANNOT tolerate.

I wanted to go up and lecture zir parents but that would have been inappropriate.

Discipline your children ffs.

I for one hope that you never are given the right to actually raise children. 



Just a bit of what’s happening at my school right now. This video is NOT mine.

Cops with

  • Tear gas
  • Dogs
  • Horses
  • BB Guns

I love UMass to death, i really do. and I totally drove by southwest to watch the shitshow unfold, however this pisses me off on so many levels.

first of all, how many fucking emails do you have to be sent saying don’t have a riot when you lose?? they even emailed our parents to tell them that every student was informed of what would happen if this shit went down. you were personally warned. not once, but twice.  every dorm and dining hall had multiple posters on the walls saying the same shit. you have to be blind and stupid to not have noticed.

second, the police drive me out of my fucking mind.  they don’t know how to ride, they only use these horses to show off.  in the three years i’ve been riding at this school, i have only seen cops taking a lesson once.  when we ride these horses in practice they are so fucked up they don’t know how to go in a straight line because all the cops do is rip on their faces and kick the shit out of them.  on top of that, the horses here were completely useless. they weren’t spread out and moving the crowd with them, they were off in a clump letting these poor animals breathe in the tear gas and have beer bottles thrown at them again.

which brings me to my third point, UMass what the fuck is wrong with you that you throw beer bottles at horses??? this isn’t the first time.  at the homecoming tailgate a group of students surrounded one of the police horses so obviously she freaked out so everyone decided that they were dangerous and out of control. and logically what do you do with an out of control animal? you throw beer bottles at it! for the win UMass. you guys are fucking champs.

and then, to the bro over by berk - are you seriously dumb enough not only to start a fight with the cops, but the cops with the dog? i do not feel bad for you.

in conclusion, UMass, GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER. kthxbye


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President Obama yelling at Presidential Candidates after they do nothing to stop the booing of gay soldiers. 

The fact this happened infuriated me, and seeing it again makes me just as irate. Honestly, the political class of America is so morally bankrupt and is so far from thinking about their constituents that it’s hard to believe that anyone puts faith in these idiots anymore.


I fell in love with EVA but I have to explain to everybody that I like it for the Christian symbolism, plot, references, characters and psychological stuff because I used to watch nearly anything if it was anime. I never did get past ep 35 of Naruto but I always said I was up to date *cringe*

Honestly I got pretty fucking pissed last night when I expressed outrage that V for Vendetta has a higher ranking on IMDB than Akira, and all my friends just said “Akira sucks and you only like it because it’s anime”. Ummm, what? No, there is no way a cliche ridden movie like V is better than one of the most influential animated films of all time, please. Akira may not be better than the movies it influenced (Jin-roh, GitS, countless others) but it brought cyber punk to anime and did it fantastically SUUUCKKK MYYY DIIIICCCKKK. 


I fell in love with EVA but I have to explain to everybody that I like it for the Christian symbolism, plot, references, characters and psychological stuff because I used to watch nearly anything if it was anime. I never did get past ep 35 of Naruto but I always said I was up to date *cringe*

Honestly I got pretty fucking pissed last night when I expressed outrage that V for Vendetta has a higher ranking on IMDB than Akira, and all my friends just said “Akira sucks and you only like it because it’s anime”. Ummm, what? No, there is no way a cliche ridden movie like V is better than one of the most influential animated films of all time, please. Akira may not be better than the movies it influenced (Jin-roh, GitS, countless others) but it brought cyber punk to anime and did it fantastically SUUUCKKK MYYY DIIIICCCKKK. 

Rant rant rant rant sorry

So tonight was definitely a shocking revelation about just how immature my roommate is. Honestly, I’m not sure whether to march up to my RD tomorrow to tell her about what happened tonight or just to let it be and deal with having a spoiled brat roommate for one more semester. I really need to get my feelings off my chest, and Remi I know you are reading this so if you want me to take it down just tell me. 

Basically tonight was a night we all were going to make dinner together, because it was the last time we’d probably get to do something like this with everyone. So we started making it but my friend went back to her apartment for a bit,and well a bit turned into quite a bit. She had prior said that she would cut up the tofu for everyone, but because she was late, my American roommate did it for her and she came by later. Never found out why but eh whatever no big deal. We eat dinner, have a good time (Well, I was pissy but you know, I would have had a good time) it’s delicious whatever. Sho, another Japanese roommate came home from his job and made his own dinner from the leftovers and the remaining people ended up eating some. 

Well when my friend went to take some, my roommate Yuki who had organized this whole thing and to who my friend told she was going to cut the tofu, started rapidly ranting at her that since she didn’t do anything to help make the dinner she’d have to pay more. Then he went on to express his anger that she didn’t come through on her word, and that she shouldn’t get any because she didn’t help. She tried to apologize, and say that she was planning on cleaning up to make up for it, but didn’t get the change really. He was rather calming ranting this all to her, and decided he would do it almost an hour after the problem occurred (in true Japanese fashion, saying nothing about it prior) and ended up by storming out of the room, and kicking a fucking hole in our living room wall. Yeah, he reacted maturely to his anger by fucking kicking a goddamn hole in our wall. 

Now I’m really fucking pissed because it could be that I have to use my housing deposit to pay for my roommates extreme fucking immaturity, which means my roommate basically just took money from my mom because he can’t control himself. After this he stormed off, and Remi ended up cleaning up our disgusting kitchen, and sifting through our garbage and shit out of guilt and ended up crying because of how bad she felt. Honestly, it is something she would have done anyway out of guilt for what happened, and should she have apologized sooner? Probably, but this isn’t something that deserves such scorn by any stretch of the imagination. Is it partly my friend’s fault? Yeah sure, this is a really hard situation because culturally speaking this is a completely different problem. To Yuki, my friend ended up breaking a promise, on the last night they could make dinner. I can understand that, but to me, and I’m guessing to most Americans this isn’t a big deal, and in fact it would be something I’d voice immediately if I felt so wronged by such a trivial thing. However, to storm out of a room after selfishly berating someone and to kick a wall honestly reminds me of my freshman roommate’s immature outburst and it makes me immediately dislike him. I’ve known him now long enough to already know how immature and sheltered, but to do something so selfish and irrational is reprehensible in my opinion. 

I’m really not looking forward to dealing with this for another semester, especially because one of our new roommates is a Japanese roommate who I get along with well, but Yuki hates for no reason. I just don’t really want to have another semester living with someone I don’t like. I’ve had to for almost all of my college life, and I’m fucking sick of it. I’m sick of dealing with immature brats as roommates. It makes me really angry that over such a small and COMPLETELY CULTURAL misunderstanding, Yuki can just lose all reason and react by lashing out. I should mention that during this dinner, I didn’t do shit either, completely on purpose as well. But I was entirely safe from his scorn because he loves me so much. So not only is he a total child, he is a complete hypocrite as well. Honestly no matter what language barrier there is, actions speak louder than words and these actions tonight have told me that if I spend another semester with Yuki I’m going to be this angry all the time.  

The other part of all this is that when he came back into the room after he left, he chuckled at the hole in the wall, and didn’t even at all feel any remorse for what he did. That really ticked me the fuck off, more than anything. He is so wrapped up in his own emotions that he doesn’t even care that it created a problem for everyone else. Nor does he have any intention of apologizing to Remi, even if it’s both their faults. No, I know for a fact that Yuki’s selfishness and stubborn immature pride is far to strong to bend to reason in this regard and deal with such immature honestly just makes me feel like I’m in high school. This whole program has, and I hate that feeling. I’m so excited for next semester, only because after being able to see the love of my life for 3 weeks, relaxing with people I can truly call friends, and looking forward to a new semester with new people, including Kati who I can count on being a real friend while I’m here. I just want this to be over, I’m so ready to go home. 

I want to say that I wouldn’t be so bothered if I wasn’t so homesick and in culture shock right now, but honestly I feel that no matter my frame of mind I’d still be just as angered and annoyed with Yuki’s immaturity. Sorry for ranting so much and wasting your time, but honestly this needed to come out. I wrote a sakubun about how I hate the Japaneses’ emphasis on looks and their bullying habits as a cathartic response to this stress, but this episode brought it all back and I really needed an English-language outlet to get this off my chest. 

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2 & 20. DO IT.

2. Oh jesus why. Basically the two hipsters on this trip have started a “hipster band” and while originally it was kinda of a funny thing, they are actually SERIOUS. Like, they have practices on set days. You’re like “what instruments, what music”. Well this all spawned from them discovering in a common room at school an unused guitar. Because one of them can read a tab and play 4 chords, they decided they were going to start a hipster band, since my hipster roommate already has the ukulele he brought from home. Yeah, let that sink in for a moment. Anyway, so now they are an acoustic/ukelele hipster bands. They don’t actually have the creative ability to make their own music no, it’s much worse. Instead they have decided to take well known 90-early 00s songs and just cover them. Right now they are working on a fantastic cover of Stacey’s Mom and Gangster Paradise. For real, that’s what they are working on. This is just some thing they are doing occasionally to cure boredom or anything. This is something they are totally absolutely dedicated to. They have practices and shit, and now it’s all they ever fucking talk about. Even the others are getting fucking sick of this stupid hipster band bullshit. It’s like they think that since they are so self aware about it, it’s okay. But it’s fucking obnoxious! I’m ranting about this now rather than my roommates terrible taste in music because last night they brought the guitar back to our apartment. I was sitting in the common room having a nice conversation with one of the Japanese roommates while studying flashcards and they come in and suddenly it was guitar time. Obviously that sounds pretty bitter, and it IS the common room whatever, but it just boggles my mind that anyone can take something so seriously. I don’t even have that much of a problem with the ukulele but I’ve always think of it as just a total joke instrument. One time I made a joke about the ukulele while he was playing and he just looked at me seriously like he was actually insulted. About a $20 ukulele. A ukulele. It’s a serious instrument no doubt, but when all you do is learn 5 chords and play terrible ironic covers of rap songs it just make me want to punch you in the face. It’s not cool. It’s not hip. It’s sadly stereotypical of a guy and a girl from a college in Portland. I’m reading back through this and it’s just so hard to believe that people like this actual EXIST. That they honestly think this “band” of acoustic/ukulele covers is the best shit ever and constantly talk about it is just sad. 

20. Again Kati, you are just opening up a huge can of worms. Basically let me just break this down real quick. I have 5 other roommates, 3 Japanese roommates who are all fucking awesome, and 2 American roommates. One is a art major and he is really nice, if a little overly sarcastic at times. The other is the hipster Portland roommate. Named Xander. Now Xander when I first met him was perfectly fine, but as of late, he has absolutely been driving me up a wall. He is the type of person that always has to be the center of attention and always put in his own two cents no matter what. He is taller than me, and you’ll know that about 2 seconds after you meet him since he’ll be trying to touch the short Japanese ceilings or complaining about how the desks at school are too small for him, because he is so tall you know. He always has to make sure he is in on a conversation too, naturally. For example, yesterday I was explaining Japanese-English future tense translation, Xander walks in, sits down, and then immediately starts trying to take over the conversation and starts explaining that I’ve already said. He does this constantly. It’s not that he comes around and joins in on a conversation or something going on. No, he has to make this grand entrance, immediately make sure everyone knows his opinion, and take over in a way he things he should. It’s fucking obnoxious. I’ll be the first to admit I’m a little egotistical, but when you start talking to me about something I know a lot about and say I’m wrong, I get really fucking pissed. I’m proud about how much I know because it’s all I have going for me. But this fucking prick film major thinks he knows about everything. And he will most certainly tell you how he knows how hard it is to do thinks like this because he has a friend who does rock climbing and he has gone on climbs with him. Or because he used to be able to lift so much and has tried doing these types of things or some shit. It’s not that I think he is lying, it’s just very annoying to constantly have to hear about how cool he is all the fucking time. He always has to tell everyone how amazing his life has been and all the cool things he has done, but it is just really childish and stupid. It sounds a little bit here like I’m jealous or something, but it’s not that I’m envious of all these cool things he has done, it just feels like he is always trying to be boastful. He has to be the most knowledgeable and experienced person in the room. It’s very tiresome and irritating. 

I’m glad I was able to just vent like that for a bit, the more I talk to Xander, the more annoying he becomes. It’s hard for me to stay polite when he is constantly question my judgment or opinions just to make himself look smart. It’s a draining thing to be nice and polite to someone who just tries to belittle you as much as possible. At least he is more tolerable when he is drunk and not trying to show off all the time. Me being drunk also helps that. 

Sorry to everyone for making this big bitchy post but I’m glad I got this opportunity to rant. Also totally don’t expect anyone to read all that angry bullshit but it’s there for you anyway. 

A rant I had to write after watching the incredible immaturity on my Facebook feed when the news broke about Osama’s death

            Honestly, no matter how tacky it is, I feel like I need to address the disturbing amount of people who hate America. The recently death of Osama bin Laden has brought with it a wave of anti-American backlash from the people I know (mainly from facebook, but other places as well). I just needed to let some of the rage out in a way I know best. Osama bin Laden is dead, and that is not something to begrudgingly accept, but something to celebrate.

            Unfortunately, it is a death we must celebrate, as he is the hated enemy of America in the 21st century, much like Khrushchev and Hitler were in the past. However I dislike the Hitler analogy because he isn’t someone who has killed thousands and thousands of people, Osama bin Laden is a new breed of enemy. He is a man who strikes with hate and religious zealotry in a way that we have not been privy to before. Gone are the days of formal battle fields and invasions, now our enemies send children laced with C4 at us and drive our own planes into our own landmarks. Many people have been lashing out against this celebration of the end of a life, but I feel like it’s important. It shows unity, and it shows that we have enemies to destroy. The biggest problem that people faced in the Korean and Vietnam conflicts was the lack of a face to the war. Fighting something abstract like Communism isn’t as satisfying as fighting a man, or an empire. Saddam didn’t receive this much celebration because we all knew Saddam wasn’t our enemy, he was an oil baron we needed resources from. No, he was no Osama bin Laden. This is why I feel this death is important. It shows that this war had a purpose, and it showed that we can harm these chicken shit motherfuckers that hide in caves and twist around the word of religion to suit their own messages of hate. I don’t revel in death; however I have no qualms celebrating the death of bin Laden. His actions deserve no trial, no waiting period, and no judgment.

One of course will argue that “Hey, even Hitler got a trial” however that is the point I’d like to make. This isn’t a conventional enemy. This is a man who fights us with terror and cowardly attacks and relies on his charisma to convince people to die for a cause. Hitler uses his charisma to inspire a nation towards imperialism, while Osama uses his charm to twist and corrupt disenfranchised people of a destitute region to give themselves over to a divine power that doesn’t exist. The civilized world needed to send a message to men like bin Laden who have no honor, no courage, and no values. When you seedily destroy unarmed civilians in order to strike fear into America, we have no quarter. Look at Pearl Harbor, when the Japanese without warning (there was supposed to be one, but that’s for another time) attacked a naval base, we instantly banded together to destroy Imperial Japan, and did so by using new destructive power against civilians (an act I will never forgive America for, sorry). Now we have a man who not only launches an attack on American soil, against unarmed American civilians, but also does so cowardly hiding in a cave giving the orders. His death, without trial, without due process, is a message to the hateful cowards of the Middle East that this shit won’t stand. If you try to take a shot we fire back. We won’t give up, and every thing you throw at us will make us stronger.  A trial is a chance for a defendant to be heard. Osama bin Laden didn’t deserve to be heard, he deserved to be murdered. Rather than becoming a living martyr for his followers to rally behind, he is now a corpse, and a testament to America’s willpower in hunting down and destroying those who transgress us.

This brings me to my second point. The limp dick fuckers who I keep saying things like “ew, nationalism” or “Osama is a testament to America’s imperialist foreign policy”. No, that isn’t even part of the equation. Osama bin Laden caused the deaths of 3,000 innocent people,simple to make a statement. That is a man who is so beyond fucked up that nothing, and I mean nothing is worth complaining about it. People who complain about nationalism boggle my fucking mind. Hating your country is for ungrateful pukes in high school. The government takes care of you, your country fights for you. If you don’t appreciate it, you can leave, you are old, so get to stepping. If you want to fight blind nationalism then do something about it. Don’t sit on your ass at a liberal arts college getting federal loan money and complain about it. Nationalism is a love for your country, not a blind dedication to it. I’ll be the first and foremost to tell you that this government’s handling of Wikileaks and the torture of Bradley Manning assures that Obama will not be getting my vote. However I still stayed up till 2 am watching the unbelievably happy throngs of New Yorkers at Ground Zero sing the anthem and celebrate their retribution because I love this country. I hate it sometimes, but at the end of the day; I want it to be successful. That is what makes me mad. People who insult America act like it’s their right to be down on their country. No, if you hate the country, then leave. If you are unhappy with how it works, then stay and fight to fix it. This country is great, and I have loved living here, growing up here and being American. Is that “ew”? No, it’s pride. I’m not blinded by my pride in my country, I just like it. Nationalism is a way to remind ourselves we all have something in common, especially when even one minute of CSPAN will ruin that fantasy until the next big happy news story.  There is a lot of stuff in this country I’m unsatisfied with, like the two party system and the open loop holes in corporate regulation, but I use my vote to fight for those things. Simply trying to downplay successes that our country has will only cement in a feeling of pessimism that will ruin our nation. It’s important to dissent and think for yourself, but you shouldn’t blind yourself with hate either. It just makes me made to see people who when they hear good news, and I mean genuinely good news about an awful mistake of a military operation that has lasted far too long, they immediately try to hate on it,  and downplay it like they are too cool for school. Grow the fuck up and realize that complaints and idiotic pessimism won’t change shit. If you have a problem with American Foreign Policy, then do something about it. Don’t just sit there at college wasting federal money to get some bullshit degree like Philosophy or English just to be stuck with an immature sensibility.

Hating on the nation is cool when you are too stupid to realize no matter how much you complain nothing will change. However when you look at it, you realize a few things. In our current world, government is controlled by business, and business is almost entirely free to do what they want. The government goes to war for oil (War in Iraq, 1 & 2) and the government serves self –interests far before the interests of the people. However, in this pessimism there is something important to realize. I still love my country. There is a lot wrong with it, including its imperialistic tendencies, but I can still enjoy when I see news reports that someone who has attacked and killed civilians of this nation has received the bullet through the head that he deserved.  He is someone who has killed civilians. Let me repeat that for you; someone who has killed your fellow Americans without cause other than his insane religious zealotry is dead. You’re going to tell me that you aren’t even happy about that? You just want to sit on your too-cool-for-school throne and pretend like it is no big deal. This is history asshole. This is what being an American is about. We got justice and it feels good. If you can’t celebrate the vengeance of 3,000 innocent people, then you honestly need to move to Canada and go fuck yourself. You have no pride. You have no compassion, so you have no country. I don’t know why this made me so angry, I think it’s because I was a little twat like that in high school believing bullshit like the government caused 9/11 and shit. Sorry, but I grew up. So should you. If you don’t want to change the world, then don’t act like your better than everyone else for being aloof and uncaring because let me tell you something, you aren’t. You’re a pretentious college-aged fuckwad that thinks the things he has to say are important. They aren’t.  

P.S. I totally reread this and it sounds like I’m calling out a particular person. I had one in mind when I made this, but generally, this is to like 5-6 different people whose reactions on Facebook made me rage. I’m not trying to start internet drama against specific people, but more a type of attitude, also as a way for me to just get my thoughts down and collected. Sorry if this offended you personal, I didn’t mean it to be so personal. 

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